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Harnessing The Remedial Value Of Science And Technology

We are focused on leveraging superior Scientific and Technological knowledge to improve the Remedial Value of our diagnostic offering. Aleph’s Remedial Value is essentially, bringing you tests for screening, diagnosis, prediction, and monitoring of disease.

We prioritize each aspect of our offering by focusing our efforts on the most powerful unmatched solutions, and have devoted a significant amount of resources to acquiring the necessary intellectual property to develop our Test Kits and present the world with their efficacious clinical utility.

COVID-19: What Are The Currently Available Tests?

There are two types of tests being used to extract the most essential data about Covid-19 Infections: One is a Molecular Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Test, using a patient’s nasal sample and the other is Antibody Testing using finger-prick blood sample.

Although Molecular Tests help identify people with an acute viral infection, Antibody Tests can decipher if and when a person has been infected and potentially developed immunity to the virus. This includes those who have not displayed any symptoms. An infected person’s body fights the infection by developing antibodies that bind to the virus to neutralize it. Antibody Testing is used during the infection phase to detect the circulating antibodies in order to determine the individual’s capacity to fight off the virus. Our Lab-On-A-Chip Antibody Test Solution is optimized to diagnose patients in the early, acute stage of the disease as well as when antibodies increase in later stages of the infection.

Antibody Tests support priority screening of High-Risk Groups, i.e. Point Of Care Healthcare Workers, diverse Service Providers, Athletes in Training Camps, Casino Workers, and distinguish those who might already have developed a certain level of immunity to Covid-19 and can return to work. Our Scientists are working hard to deliver a vision for how using a combination of routinized clinical insight, diagnostic testing platforms and scalable data systems and processes to meet critical goals in reducing the clinical impact of the current pandemic to help society prioritize a return to work in a controlled manner.

In order for tests to provide any reliable information in our ongoing research we are determined to extract valuable data from our Test Kits which deliver high degrees of Specificity and Sensitivity.

What Are Test Sensitivity and Test Specificity?

Test sensitivity indicates the ability of the test to correctly identify patients that have the disease (“true positives”). Test specificity indicates the ability of the test to correctly identify patients that do not have the disease (“true negatives”). When a test reveals 100% Sensitivity and 100% Specificity it the results are presenting zero false negatives and zero false positives, respectively. A test’s specificity and sensitivity serve as good indicators of the reliability of the test results.

How Do Antibodies Fight The Coronavirus?

A person’s antibody is capable of creating a neutralizing effect by binding to an invading virus particle in such a unique manner that it can prevents the virus particle from proliferating to infect any cell in the body. An antibody can hinder the progression of the virus particle and thwart any attempt of the virus from binding to the body’s receptors – the gateway the virus uses to enter into the cell. It can impede any attempts by the virus to fuse with a cell membrane by encumbering the disassembly of the virus particle or divert the virus by other means. The sole objective of the antibody is to prevent the virus from infecting a cell.

Does An Antibody Have The Capacity To Neutralize Covid-19?

Yes. The virus is essentially neutralized when the Antibody ties it up. However, the body manufactures a limited amount of neutralizing Antibodies during an infection. As such, our Scientists have focused on detecting these neutralizing due to their powerful advantages in the treatment of infected patients. Aleph is at the forefront in the race to identify neutralizing Antibodies for COVID-19.

What Are The Benefits Of Antibody Tests During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Most importantly, Antibody testing tells us if an individual has been infected with the virus. This is vital in managing the spread of further infections. Such data is also critical to knowing how deadly the actual infection can be. Through our capacity to collect data, we are more informed about the efficacy of preventative measures and can determine the risks of disease to ascertain in-depth data on population risk stratification and mortality rates.