Research And Development

Aleph Diagnostics Research & Business Development
Team Collaborates With Global Researchers To Source
And Transform Innovative Ideas Into Routinized
Diagnostic Solutions.

Engaging In Smart Partnerships For A Better Tomorrow

We maintain a model that values external innovation as much as our own internal development. Our established collaborations across the globe are at the heart of our R&D strategy. Global healthcare systems face an onslaught of demands to deliver innovation and provide access to affordable care.

Additionally, increased connectivity between health care providers and patients are essential in modern society. We strive to improve diagnostics research and deliver lab-quality concepts to point of care. We are bringing to Healthcare systems, the most innovative platform choices with limitless throughput in comparison to central reference laboratories and/or instrumented tests to assist Healthcare Professionals in their judgment call to make the best treatment decisions possible when patients need it most.

Our Strategy Is Focused On, But Not Limited To The Following ;

  • Platforms and Technologies Supporting Patient Self-Testing Such As Antibody And Antigen Testing For Infectious Diseases, And Nucleic Acid Testing.
  • Pioneering And Developing New Concepts And Applications For Point-of-Care And Near Patient Testing Such As Smart Phone-Centric Breath Analyzers, And Wearable Sensors.
  • Highly Powerful And Robust Microfluidic Platforms And Technologies With Fully Automated Sample Handling And Lab-Like Detection Functionality At Affordable Cost.
  • Cloud-based Solutions To Support Integrated Diagnostic Information With Accessible And Centralized Data Anywhere At Our Disposal – e.g. Smart Apps, Communication Sensors Embedded Into smartphones.