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Leveraging Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing inside controlled-interconnected ‘Chain-Of-Custody’ Processes.

We are a U.S-based In Vitro Diagnostics Company on the front end of the fight to combat the ravaging effects of the coronavirus. Aleph’s technology will be essential in putting Americans back to work, providing post-pandemic COVID-19 testing solutions to mitigate future outbreaks, and get Americans back to work.

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Delivering On-Set Testing For The Film and Television Industry

If you are looking to provide group testing for your employees, staff, guests, or clients, we have the capability to administer hundreds of tests in a day, schedule recurring visits, and offer flexible corporate rates depending on the size of your company.

Enjoy the convenience of high volume testing events at your work location. Aleph Diagnostics will coordinate with your team(s) to conduct onsite COVID-19 testing of all employees. Results are tracked and monitored in a customized employer dashboard.

Our laboratory partners are best in class and carry the highest levels of CLIA approval and CAP accreditation. We use an automated process, anonymized patient IDs and revolutionary technology to ensure quick analysis of your samples.

ALEPH offers several testing options depending on the needs of your production. We offer on-site testing services as well as the ability to quickly deploy to any location in the Greater Los Angeles area. We are available seven days a week and can offer an individual concierge service if necessary. Please let us know the needs of your production and we will design the testing service required for all of your talent and production crew members to return safely to work.

  • – COVID-19 RT- PCR test is the gold standard in ruling out active COVID-19 infections.
  • – Turn around results within 24 hours.
  • – Our Rapid Antigen turnaround time is 15 mins.
  • – Testing Location: At your Facility or On-Set
  • – We provide trained medical staff, equipment set-up and PPE

From pre-production to post-production, we will guide and support your team. We offer Implementation plans, Expert Infectious Control support and guidance, testing, COVID-19 Compliance Officers, Consulting Services, and PPE Supplies. ALEPH provides cost-effective, comprehensive and on-the-go solutions to ensure that productions operate safely.

Test #1:

Nasal Swab PCR Test

A nasal swab test that detects the genetic material of the Covid-19 virus. Each sample is sent to a CLIA-certified lab for analysis and will return results within 24-48 hours.

Test #2:

Nasal Swab Antigen Test

This Covid-19 test detects certain proteins that are part of the virus. Using a nasal swab to get a sample, antigen tests can produce results on-site in 15 minutes.

Test #3:

Rapid Finger Stick Antibody Test

This 15 minute test checks your blood sample for antibodies that may indicate if you have had Covid-19 in the past.

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